we provides video and audio mastering service

About Us

About Us
Candid Inc. is specialized in content preparation for new consumer electronics audio visual devices.

Many years’ experience of Consumer Electronics R&D and Content Business Development have been combined with AI and Cloud technologies to create unique Business to Fill the Gab between new consumer devices and new content at Low Cost.

With the introduction of new consumer audio visual device, people need new content utilizing new technical features of the device. Candid Inc. can provide new content for the new device through the deep technical discussion with the device manufacturer and prepare new content preparation tools and processes.

Currently, Candid Inc. provide Glass Master, A unique UHD/HDR video and Immersive/Binaural audio content mastering service, to prepare content masters to match the video and audio characteristics of UHDTV and Mobile devices.

Candid adjective

Definition of candid

a : marked by honest sincere expression

// a candid discussion

b : disposed to criticize severely : BLUNT

// candid critics

c : indication or suggesting sincere honesty and absence of deception

// her candid face


: free from bias, prejudice or malice : FAIR

// a candid observer


: relating to or being photography of subjects acting naturally or spontaneously without being posed

// candid photos of the family at play

Candid Inc. like to present candid picture and sound preserving content creators original intention utilizing the latest consumer electronics and content technologies.